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Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is a wonderful thing. It reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and has many other positive effects on our bodies. It is contagious and connects us humans in a unique way, like a universal language of compassion and joie de vivre. But a healthy set of teeth and a carefree smile do not come naturally to many people. But thanks to modern orthodontics, there are many treatment options for correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. As a leading specialist dental practice for orthodontics in Zurich, we focus on jaw misalignments that result in jaw joint problems and can have a massive impact on our quality of life. We also offer an aesthetic mould for correcting your teeth. Practically invisible braces gently bring your teeth into the correct position and will make your smile an expression of your personality.
Our aim is to achieve high-quality, aesthetic results – which is why we will be happy to provide you with detailed and expert advice on the various treatment options and the associated costs at our specialist orthodontic practice in Zurich. Make an appointment with us today and let our orthodontics experts in Zurich advise you. We look forward to seeing you and your smile!

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Are you looking for a specialist orthodontist in Zurich for yourself or your family?

Then you’ve come to the right place! Because treatment by an orthodontist is a matter of trust. Our team, led by Marju Vunder, specialist orthodontist in Zurich and proven expert in lingual technology, consists of qualified and experienced experts who specialise in the treatment of complex tooth and jaw misalignments and have the necessary expertise and planning skills to guarantee you the best possible result.

We not only take into account the position of your teeth and jaws, but also incorporate your entire facial profile and your individual wishes into the treatment planning. We know that orthodontic treatment is a long-term investment in your health and well-being and an important factor in the attractiveness of a person of any age. And since treatment usually takes place over a longer period of time, sympathy often plays a decisive role in addition to professional expertise. Our team is characterised not only by its expert knowledge, but also by its friendly and relaxed approach to patients. See for yourself and make an appointment with us today! We look forward to seeing you!

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A bright smile is timeless

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out at any age. The prerequisites are healthy teeth and an intact periodontium.
Orthodontics Zurich is the leading specialist dental practice for lingual technology and uses lingual braces, where the braces are attached to the inside of the teeth, to correct crooked teeth invisibly and reliably. Oral and jaw health have a major influence on health, well-being and attractiveness at every stage of life.

With Invisalign aligner therapy, we offer a barely visible treatment alternative to lingual braces, in which you wear transparent aligners that gently move your teeth into the correct position. Oral and jaw health are not only important for your health, but also for your well-being and attractiveness. Straight teeth that are harmoniously aligned and an optimal tooth and jaw position that matches the proportions of the face can improve your quality of life and boost your self-confidence – at any age.

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Orthodontics in Zurich in a prime location directly at Stadelhofen railway station is fully digital

Are you looking for a specialist orthodontic practice where you will feel in good hands from the very first moment? We are the leading specialist dental practice for lingual technology – the most aesthetic form of correcting crooked teeth. This claim not only applies to dental aesthetics, but is also reflected in our modern rooms with a view of Stadelhoferplatz.

We use the latest technologies and materials to guarantee you the best possible treatment quality. Each brace is customised for you to meet your personal needs and wishes. This includes digital X-ray technologies to ensure the lowest radiation exposure and the use of 3D scanning and 3D visualisation to eliminate unpleasant dental impressions. It all starts with a digital impression of your teeth, conveniently taken with a modern 3D scanner. Using modern planning software, your teeth and jaws are precisely measured and your new smile is fully simulated on screen. Thanks to the Smile Design computer software, we can show you the visual changes made possible by moving your teeth using before and after images. You will be fascinated by the impact your new smile will have on your overall appearance. Despite all the computer-aided aids, the following applies: high-quality correction of tooth and jaw misalignments with lasting treatment results requires expert knowledge and a great deal of experience. As experts, we regularly undergo further training and work with the latest possibilities of modern orthodontics.

Frequently asked questions about orthodontics Zurich

The title Specialist in Orthodontics (CH) denotes someone specialised in orthodontics with a Swiss specialist medical degree. Every orthodontist is also a dentist. Attaining the specialist medical title requires at least three years’ specialist training at a university dental hospital in Switzerland. The title Specialist in Orthodontics (CH) is awarded on completion of the specialist doctor examination. You can read more on this at www.swissortho.ch

Orthodontists and dentists work closely together but cover different areas of dental health. An orthodontist deals solely with the correction of tooth and jaw misalignments, while a dentist ensures the general health of teeth. A lasting repositioning of the teeth should be supervised by a Specialist in Orthodontics (CH) demonstrating not only many years’ experience but also the correct specialist training as a specialised dentist. At our specialist dental practice for orthodontics, we only employ thoroughly trained experts with many years of practical experience. We bring to our work crucial knowhow and solid planning expertise that can be relied on to successfully correct even challenging misalignments. Choose high quality medical-grade treatment, right from the start.

An initial orthodontic investigation should be undertaken when a child is seven to eight years of age. Many orthodontic issues are much more easily and effectively corrected while the jaw is still actively growing. Early treatment avoids more complicated measures later on that can often only be dealt with in conjunction with an oral surgeon.

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out at any age. The only requirements are healthy teeth and an intact periodontium. As experts in the lingual technique, we offer an aesthetic treatment method for adults that is not noticeable from the outside and allows for predictable movement of the teeth.

The cost of orthodontic treatment depends on a range of factors and varies according to the case at hand and length of treatment. We would be delighted to put together a personal quotation for you following the initial consultation.

Undergoing treatment from an orthodontist is a matter of trust. Given that treatment usually spans a considerable period of time, it’s not just professional expertise but also often approachability that acts as a decisive factor. Choosing the right specialist dental practice is therefore an important decision that can often lead to uncertainty. We can provide you with an independent second opinion, which also gives you the opportunity to get to know our team.
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The duration of treatment usually varies between two and three years. However, due to the different nature of the problems, the duration of treatment can vary greatly. Sometimes shorter treatments are limited to a few months, while more challenging cases can extend beyond three years. However, treatment lasting more than four or five years is extremely rare.

Removable splints such as the deep-drawing splint and the Michigan splint are used to relieve the chewing system. The deep-drawing splint ensures that the temporomandibular joint remains slightly open and is thus relieved. It is worn at night to prevent teeth grinding and reduce excessive tooth wear. The Michigan splint, on the other hand, treats painful changes in the chewing muscles or the temporomandibular joint. It is usually worn at night and relieves previously triggered muscular tension. These splints can be worn by adolescents (from the age of 12) and adults.

Aligners can be used for the treatment of various malocclusions. After diagnosis and professional treatment planning, various sets of transparent plastic aligners are customised using a digital impression of your teeth. Each splint is worn for around two weeks. The pressure exerted corrects the position of your teeth precisely and gently. A real alternative to conventional braces, which are particularly popular with adults. These splints can be worn by teenagers (from the age of 12) and adults.

Plate braces are available in a wide variety of versions and play different roles in the correction of misaligned teeth. This type of brace is characterised by its broad application in the field of orthodontics. They can be used at any age, can be removed independently by the patient and can be produced in different colours depending on individual requirements.
In addition, removable night braces are available for children aged 7 to 12 years, such as the headgear for mandibular advancement (distal bite) and the monobloc headgear combination. The monobloc treatment method enables a gentle biomechanical influence, which leads to a growth-related forward displacement of the lower jaw, an optimal bite position and a visible improvement in the profile.

Removable braces are an effective treatment method if they are worn regularly and intensively. They are characterised by their high wearing comfort and can be removed at any time.

In contrast to loose braces, fixed braces cannot be removed and therefore enable controlled tooth movement without the active co-operation of the patient.

Orthodontics Zurich is the leading specialist dental practice for lingual technology. Lingual braces, which are attached to the teeth from the inside, are completely invisible from the outside. While your smile becomes increasingly beautiful, nobody will notice that you are wearing braces. The appliance is perfectly adapted to the shape of your individual teeth, extremely flat and very comfortable to wear. Thanks to the fixed installation, treatment successes are achieved reliably, predictably and invisibly without active patient co-operation.

As experts in lingual technology, we will discuss your expectations of the treatment and discuss various realisation options, taking your visual field into account.
It all starts with a digital impression of your teeth, which is conveniently taken using a modern 3D scanner. Using modern planning software, your teeth and jaws are precisely measured and your new smile is fully simulated on the screen. Thanks to the Smile Design computer software, we can show you the visual changes made possible by the tooth movement using before/after images. After discussing your individual treatment plan, the lingual braces can be fitted. The very flat lingual appliance is comfortable to wear. You will no longer notice them after a short time. The successful course of treatment is monitored by our team of experts and your teeth are professionally cleaned in regular dental hygiene sessions.

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The huge variety of people of all ages who come into our practice every day truly enriches the work we do.

VUNDER ORTHODONTICS ist die führende Fachzahnarztpraxis für Lingualtechnik. Für qualitätsbewusste Patienten, die eine vollständig unsichtbare Therapie wünschen, wird dank fundierter Planungskompetenz und jahrelanger Anwendungserfahrung der bestmögliche Behandlungserfolg garantiert.
VUNDER ORTHODONTICS is the leading specialist dental practice for lingual technology. For quality-conscious patients who want a completely invisible therapy, the best possible treatment success is guaranteed thanks to sound planning expertise and years of application experience.