A lovely
smile is a
thing of beauty.


Every single one of our braces is a one-off, made specifically to suit the personal treatment goals of our patients.

Vunder Orthodontics unsichtbare Zahnspange

An invisible brace on the back of the teeth

By choosing a lingual brace you are opting for the most aesthetic treatment method for correcting the position of your teeth.
Unsere Leistungen für gerade Zähne und Kiefer

Services we offer for straight teeth and jaws

Whether removable or fixed braces – we offer a comprehensive range of up-to-date treatment methods.
Gerade Zähne für Kinder, Jugendliche und Erwachsene

Straight teeth for children, teenagers and adults

A beautiful smile is an attractive feature at any stage of life, now more than ever.

Professional oral and dental hygiene

Training in preventative measures and professional tooth cleaning are the absolute cornerstones of a successful treatment.

A seasoned team bringing you leading orthodontic services

Our highly experienced team is in a league of its own, with valuable knowhow, longstanding practical expertise and a genuinely welcoming approach.

Practice right next to Zurich-Stadelhofen railway station

Our specialist dental practice is very conveniently situated and has a particular focus on the invisible correction of tooth and jaw misalignments.
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VUNDER ORTHODONTICS ist die führende Fachzahnarztpraxis für Lingualtechnik. Für qualitätsbewusste Patienten, die eine vollständig unsichtbare Therapie wünschen, wird dank fundierter Planungskompetenz und jahrelanger Anwendungserfahrung der bestmögliche Behandlungserfolg garantiert.
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VUNDER ORTHODONTICS is the leading specialist dental practice for the lingual technique. Quality-conscious patients looking for treatment that is completely invisible can now enjoy the best possible treatment outcomes guaranteed by solid planning expertise and longstanding practical experience.