We help you achieve
your perfect smile.


We help you achieve your perfect smile.


A lingual brace is a fixed appliance that doesn’t actively require you to do anything to ensure the success of your treatment.


Initial consultation: discussing your expectations

As experts in the lingual technique, we discuss your expectations of the treatment and explore the different implementation options with your wishes and requirements in mind.
Ideally, we put together your own specific treatment documentation at the initial consultation. Portrait photographs and X-ray images are taken, and a digital impression of your teeth is made in just a few comfortable minutes using a state-of-the-art 3D scanner.

Treatment planning by a Specialist in Orthodontics (CH)

Taking the initial analysis as a starting point, we use fully digital processes to plan your own specific course of treatment.
We use the latest planning software to accurately dimension your teeth and jaw and simulate your new smile in full on screen. Nevertheless, computer-aided tools can’t do everything. The high quality correction of tooth and jaw misalignments with lasting treatment success requires expertise and years of experience. Because computer simulations often deviate from reality. That’s why it’s crucial that your entire course of treatment from initial analysis to stabilisation of results is closely supervised by our team of experts.

Everything starts with a digital impression of your teeth, made in just a matter of minutes.


Second consultation: reviewing your personal treatment plan

Using 3D visualisations, we show you the factors involved in a successful course of treatment with lingual braces.
Smile Design computer software provides us with before and after images to show you the visual difference possible by moving teeth. You will be amazed at how radiant a new smile can make you look and feel.
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Start of treatment: applying the ultra-flat brackets

The incredibly low-profile lingual appliance is very comfortable to wear. In just a short time you will have forgotten it is there.
Building on the treatment goals agreed upon together, all the hardware for a tailor-made course of treatment is then made using the latest technology. In using WIN appliances, we are working with the world’s leading supplier of lingual braces. Our specialist dental practice for orthodontics is certified to apply them correctly.

Continuous assessment of your treatment outcome

The success of your treatment is monitored by our team of experts and your teeth are professionally cleaned at regular dental hygiene sessions.
The lingual technique uses activating archwires to pull gently on the teeth. These archwires are replaced at regular intervals depending on how complex the tooth movement needs to be. At follow-up appointments, our dental hygienists will do a thorough clean of your teeth and the lingual appliance to guarantee optimum oral hygiene during the entire course of treatment.
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The lingual technique allows controlled movement of the teeth.


Your new smile will be a thing of beauty

Once your teeth have been moved into the perfect position, the whole lingual appliance is removed and the results are stabilised using a retainer.
At the end of treatment you are invited to a comprehensive dental hygiene session. We also offer you an optional teeth whitening service to make your new smile even more sparkling.


Our range of treatments is aimed at quality-conscious patients who are looking for controlled and calculable tooth correction. The cost of treatment will vary depending on the complexity of each treatment plan. Get in touch with us today for more information on what your treatment will cost.

More information on invisible braces

VUNDER ORTHODONTICS ist die führende Fachzahnarztpraxis für Lingualtechnik. Für qualitätsbewusste Patienten, die eine vollständig unsichtbare Therapie wünschen, wird dank fundierter Planungskompetenz und jahrelanger Anwendungserfahrung der bestmögliche Behandlungserfolg garantiert.
VUNDER ORTHODONTICS is the leading specialist dental practice for lingual technology. For quality-conscious patients who want a completely invisible therapy, the best possible treatment success is guaranteed thanks to sound planning expertise and years of application experience.