Think ahead
 with early treatment.


Think ahead
 with early treatment.


Orthodontic treatment at a young age allows the jaw and face to grow in a perfectly balanced way.

Vunder Orthodontics Zahnspange innen
Lingual braces
Teeth are moved into the optimum position by a brace that is fixed to the back of the teeth, making it invisible from the outside.
Vunder Orthodontics Brackets
Brackets to suit all tastes
Ceramic brackets are hardly noticeable at all, while metal brackets can be adapted to all tastes using elastic bands in different colours.
Vunder Orthodontics Headgear
Removable night-time brace (headgear)
Headgear is usually worn at night and used where the lower jaw is displaced backwards (mandibular retrusion).
Vunder Orthodontics Monoblock
Removable night-time brace (monoblock)
A monoblock helps achieve a growth-related forward shift in the lower jaw, optimum jaw repositioning and visible improvement of the profile.
Vunder Orthodontics Platte-1800-x-1200_
Removable brace (plate)
Plate braces are made in a wide variety of colours and can fulfil different functions.
Vunder Orthodontics Forcierte Dehnapparatur
Rapid palatal expander
In children, the upper jaw can be expanded without too much trouble and makes it possible to correct a crossbite.
Vunder Orthodontics Kinder
For some severe misalignments, a combination treatment involving both orthodontics and oral surgery is necessary.
We support children with how to look after their teeth, learning about healthy eating and useful preventative measures.


Have you noticed your child’s teeth are misaligned? An initial orthodontic investigation can be useful for children as young as seven. This keeps all options open to ensure an optimum course of treatment.

Vunder Orthodontics Versicherung
Additional insurance
We recommend you take out additional insurance for your child in good time. This will then cover a large part of the cost of the orthodontic treatment required.
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VUNDER ORTHODONTICS ist die führende Fachzahnarztpraxis für Lingualtechnik. Für qualitätsbewusste Patienten, die eine vollständig unsichtbare Therapie wünschen, wird dank fundierter Planungskompetenz und jahrelanger Anwendungserfahrung der bestmögliche Behandlungserfolg garantiert.
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VUNDER ORTHODONTICS is the leading specialist dental practice for the lingual technique. Quality-conscious patients looking for treatment that is completely invisible can now enjoy the best possible treatment outcomes guaranteed by solid planning expertise and longstanding practical experience.